Medical Billing, Practice Management and Consulting Company

Computerized Healthcare Billing

  • Patient registration
  • Recording of charges
  • Electronic claims processing
  • Insurance collections
  • Patient billing and collections
  • Insurance appeals on under/improperly paid services
  • Coding
  • Certified professional coders
  • Bundling/unbundling and modifier use
  • Optimizing billable services
  • Real time database connection in office
  • Controlling “Silent PPOs”
  • Implementing the ever-changing CMS 1500 regulations

What we do at Active Management


We assist in maximizing efficiency and profitability by offering:

Financial Reporting

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  • 100% Reconciliation with practice
  • Managed care adjustments and Medicare write-offs
  • Capitation posting for participating primary care physicians
  •  Accounts receivable aging
  •  Patient billing and collections
  • Allocation of individual physician’s performance under group practice
  • Compare service value reimbursed from managed care plans
  • Allocating number and dollar values of types/places of service
  • Comparisons of procedure utilization reports
  • Patient category and profile reporting

Consulting and Management

  • Billing consulting
  • Coding and chart audits
  • Audits of insurance payments, write-offs, appeals
  • Internal collection methodology
  • Accounts receivable and fee schedules
  • Office policies and protocols
  • Staffing requirements
  • Physician and staff training in coding, procedures and documentation
  • Evaluation of healthcare agreements
  • Analysis of practice profitability

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