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Why Choose Us?

Outsourcing medical billing enables physicians to focus on the critical care of their patients. As consequence, the cash flow & profits of your practice are maximized.


Outsourcing the reimbursement allows physicians to save time and money because every minute that a physician or employee spends on an activity that does not directly add value to the patient's well being, is a cost that can be saved. When you switch to Active Management, you will quickly recognize the following benefits:

  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Improve cash flow & promptness of billing
  • Share risks
  • Access specialized expertise
  • Save money by reducing or reallocating existing billing staff
  • Save space by reallocating office space assigned to billing, to other functions
  • Reduce costs by eliminating postage, paper, forms and other accessories used in the billing process
  • Save on the cost of managing a billing operation
  • Reduce A/R balance
  • Increase profitability with improved data gathering, coding techniques, follow-up
  • Improve staff efficiency & productivity
  • Eliminate aged claims
  • Reduce general & administrative expenses
  • Save on software and upgrade costs


Frequently Asked Questions

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