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In July, 2009, I outsourced my billing to Active management and could not be happier. Hoda and the entire staff have been wonderful during this stressful transition making it quite smooth. I have always desired my billing to be executed "in-house" and was hesitant to have it done outside the office. So far, I can truly say it has been wonderful. At Active, each practice is assigned an account manager. My account manager, Andrea, is awesome and is in direct contact with my office manager daily via email or phone. Also, each day we receive a "suspend list" that notifies our office of common mistakes that would reject a claim. This helps us submit claims that are more apt to be paid the first time. So far, my accounts receivables has decreased greatly since they started. Even though Active is based in New York, Hoda has visited my office twice to educate/train my staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Hoda and her team to anyone. Thanks Active Management!

- Brad Lemon DPM, FACFAS. Seaford, DE

I have been working with Hoda and her superb team at Active Management for over 3 years. My collections and cash flow are the best they have ever been in over 30 years of practice. I Have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail that they bring to my billing. Over the years, I have done both inhouse as well as out sourced billing. Hoda has allowed me to have a real handle on this important aspect of practice. Hiring Active is one of the best business choices I have made.

- Louis Scotti DPM. Nesconset, NY

I can’t say enough good things about Active Management and how they saved my business. They definitely live up to what they say they are going to do for you and your business. They took me from a situation where my business was barely getting by due to the horrible management of my old billing company. Active Management, not only helped my business get back on my feet, Hoda and her amazing staff keep me updated on new codes, they make sure we get paid on what we bill and send monthly reports. Active Management, is always available when I need them. In the end they helped get my business and myself back on track.

- Vincent D. Meliso, DPM. Brooklyn, NY

Prior to using the services of Active my billing and collections were unstructured, unorganized, and generally in disarray. After 17 years of practice I am certain I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. My troubles were compounded by changes in software, changes of office managers and not being current with coding. I have now found a company that in 4 months has my billing/collections running smoothly. All I need to do is review reports. They keep current on all ICD 9 and CPT changes. They handle rejections quickly, and handle patient's billing questions. Jackie is always available to answer any questions my staff has. I now have less staff and higher collections. No longer do I worry about changes in my office because Active will still be there. I only wish I started sooner. Please have any potential clients call me personally if they need a reference.

- David Gunther, DPM

Active is an expert in billing and approaches each client's practice personally to maximize your collections.

- Carol L. Huang, M.D.

I am new to Active Management, and their service and company is a 'breath of fresh air' to my practice. My staff has inhaled a sense of relief that a true billing and consulting expert is now guiding us. From the initial information intake, to daily feedback, Active Management has been consistent in demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Each staff member acts as a team, providing select areas of expertise to meet our overall needs. I have been with other billing companies in the past and always believed that there had to be more. That extra caring and collection determination is what makes Active Management, a truly pro-active billing and consulting company

- Elliot Diamond, DPM. Philadelphia, PA

It is my pleasure to recommend Active Management to physicians needing accurate, effective billing and statistical information in today's jungle of getting compensated for the work we do and all the services we provide in a landslide of ever changing rules and billing codes. Hoda Henein and her staff are an oasis in the parched desert of getting paid in a timely manner.

- Ronald D. Worley, DPM. San Diego CA

After selling my practice to a large group two years ago, Active was my first call when setting up my new practice. I have been in practice 14 years, they had handled all of my billing and collections in my multiple office and doctor practice. My collections were at an all time high with Active, and my time spent worrying about getting claims paid decreased freeing me to focus on the growth of my practice. They have been invaluable in starting over and growing my new practice. In todays constantly changing insurance market, Active is a crucial member of my team.

- Bret Hintze, DPM

In late 2005, I started using Active Management for my accounts receivables after a referral from another successful Podiatrist. At that point in time, after 21 years in practice, I was in the process of terminating my relationship with another management company that almost bankrupted me by their incompetence. From the start Active was clearly different and MUCH better. Since the change, I saw my gross income increase by over 20%! They very simply did the job they promised to do. Hoda Henein and her staff are very responsive and professional. They have done whatever needs to be done to collect your hard earned money. I have seen checks come in from accounts that were month’s old due to unreasonable insurer denials. Their persistence pays off for you. Finally, their monthly reports are received on time, complete and very informative. Working with Active Management will be the best move you ever made! You will sleep better at night knowing they are handling your practice receivables!

- Warren Mangel DPM. Camden, NJ

I have been a client with Active Management for 7 Years and I believe they are the "Best" in their field. They are reliable, competent, educated and very efficient. I would highly recommend their services to both small and large practices. What makes Active Management so unique is their personal and individual attention to your practice needs. They are very current with all the coding changes and always inform our office of updated information. They will definitely exceed all your expectations. It is always reassuring to know that your billing is in good hands with Active Management!

- Zina B. Cappiello, DPM. Cedar Grove, NJ

Active Management has a dedicated staff of professionals who go the 'extra mile' providing personalized billing services. I can rely on them as an extension of my on-site office staff to interact with my patients in a friendly and professional manner to answer their billing questions. Active can be a great asset to your practice especially in today's health care environment.
(PS- make sure you ask for the TALL and especially sweet Monika when you are totally exasperated-she's the best!)

- Norman Calihman DPM. Fort Lee, NJ

Switching to Active Management for our billing services was one of the best moves I have made. Since I started using Active Management, my practice income has gone up significantly. I only wish I had started using them earlier in my practice.

- Michael A. Ruiz, DPM. Erie, PA

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